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Can my Sales staff use Hubgets Page for cold calling?

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asked Aug 30, 2016 in Voice and video calling by Andy Loew (Squire) 241 views
Can we use the Hubgets Page to cold contact people that we want to target for commercial purposes? How would that work?

1 Answer

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answered Aug 30, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]

Hello Andy,

Provided I understood the context correctly (sales team is cold contacting various leads to sell them something), the answer is yes, you can use Hubgets Page in the sales process.

The sales agent would just be importing his/her database of leads in the People area, then select the lead he/she wants to contact and use the Invite to Your Page message window to connect.

Once the other party accepts the connection request, communication can be done via chat, voice or video call.

Hope this helps!