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wholesale Ceramic Ball Mill

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asked Feb 11 in General by kosos1v (Squire) 29 views
Centre Driving Ball Mill
The centre driving ball mill adopts the center transmission method. It replaces conventional Babba alloy lubricated bearings with large double row spherical roller bearings. The bearing has long service life, good sealing performance and is convenient to disassembly and clean. It features compact structure, small footprint, good reliability, simple configuration, easy installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, high efficiency, energy saving and long service life.
(1) Motor, reducer, transmission system and cylinder on the same axis
(2) The cylinder body is supported by double-row spherical roller bearings. The friction between the hollow shaft journal and the main bearing of the mill is small, the frictional resistance is small, and the energy is saved.
(3) Smooth operation, reliable work
(4) The use of hydraulic couplings, high transmission efficiency, without the need for large and small gears, reducing the weight of equipment and reducing manufacturing costs.
Technical parameter:wholesale Ceramic Ball Mill

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