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What is the biggest deterrent to collaboration?

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asked Nov 18, 2016 in General by BorasA (Squire) 436 views
Why do people not collaborate across countries and within functions? I noticed that a lot of people will duplicate the work of a colleague in organizations that do not encourage collaboration. Here is one deterrent to collaboration that I have come across a few times: people will not ask for help for fear they will be judged as incompetent in their jobs. What are your thoughts?

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answered Nov 18, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]

Some of the arguments that we have seen with people who were rejecting collaboration were in the lines of:

- some ideas are not ok to be shared with the entire team
- what if the team rejects the projects?
- there is not enough time to involve everyone in the discussion and explain the details
- "I will get feedback that I can't use anyway"
-  the team will waste time chatting
- we are a small team, we can just talk to each other.

While a small team may not feel the immediate need for a tool to centralize content, a team of more than 5 people will need to document their work in order to pass it on to new employees.
It is so much easier for a newcomer not to have to fish around for information, interrupting colleagues, but simply use the search function to browse the entire team knowledge ever produced.
Hubgets automatically indexes and classifies everything, including Topics.