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What is your experience with other collaboration solutions?

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asked Dec 6, 2016 in General by Lois Kiwanuka (Squire) 445 views
After a week after my company signed up for Yammer, everyone stopped using it. Yammer was supposed to promote communication with coworkers from different departments (that you don't work with very often). But we just didn't feel like going back to the little chat window as nothing was easy to customise.
We adopted Hubgets because a guy in my team accidentally came across an ad and gave it a look.
What other tools did you try out for collaboration before deciding what to go with?

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answered Dec 6, 2016 by Sam3 (Captain)
Well, we tried HipChat and actually liked it.
It had its weird stuff, like finding people and rooms are under a "New Chat" button (!?), or the fact that you couldn't sort people alphabetically on the sidebar. The search function wasn't great, and the user interface looked old, but all in all - decent product.
We prefer Hubgets for everything that is actually working: we can install on our own server, keep data in house, the search function is brilliant, and we can call both each other (in the team) as well as the customers from the interface.