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Is Hubgets giving you a feeling of "being in charge"? How does Hubgets help with employee autonomy?

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asked Jun 8, 2016 in General by RezaRad (Archer) 305 views
I deal a lot with employees and candidates who need a lot of guidance to get to the point where they are actually productive. People want autonomy, but they do not deal well with what it takes to keep it: responsibility of the decision and facing consequences. Does Hubgets facilitate this growth process in any sense?

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answered Jun 8, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]

Hello Reza,

There are multiple types of autonomy that Hubgets helps boost:

Team Responsibility over Decision-Making Process

Hubgets empowers team members to express their opinions and influence results, as the team works together to create the best possible output. In the end, everyone is comfortable with being a valuable contributor to solving an issue.

Employee Autonomy and Focus

With Hubgets, one gets autonomy over their own task-focus and work time - which is an essential element of productivity. When you know that you have people who depend on a deliverable you have to get ready, you will use the Presence feature to disconnect from noise and get things done.

Management Autonomy

With Hubgets Topics, a manager has visibility over progress of multiple projects, at the same time. The input needed from a manager can be kept to a minimal, or can be intensive, depending on the state of the project. With this in mind, a manager can feel confident to report to other stake-holders regarding his teams and projections.