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Feature request: Matrix integration

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asked Apr 13, 2016 in General by oddvar (Squire) 197 views
Hi there!

It would be great if Hubgets would integrate with Matrix (an open standard for online comms - http://matrix.org). That way I could talk to lots of other users on other apps via Hubgets! This can be achieved either by adding support for the Matrix protocol directly - or via a bridge. Would love to see this feature in Hubgets!

best regards,

1 Answer

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answered Apr 14, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]
Hello Oddvar,

Once we publish the Hubgets API, we will start the integrations process with various applications.
Thank you for pointing Matrix to us! Do you have an affiliation with the company, so that we would discuss further about this, when time comes?
Hi again,

Yes - I work for Matrix.org - feel free to email me to follow up when time comes!