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How can I stop receiving message notifications when I am very busy?

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asked Dec 28, 2015 in Direct messages by Adrian Branescu (Squire) 253 views
I find very useful the fact that I am notified who sent me a message, but sometimes I don't want to be disturbed by anything. Is there any way to temporary stop those notifications?

1 Answer

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answered Dec 29, 2015 by John Snow [Hubgets]

Just go to lower right of the interface and click on the up ^ arrow next to your location. You will see three available options on Status:

  • I am available
  • I am busy
  • Hubgets knows better
If you pick "I am busy" you will never get those notifications - this is a little bit extreme, but considering that you can change the option anytime it's ok. A better option is maybe "Hubgets knows better". In that case you will let Hubgets decide to push or not notifications to you based on an algorithm.