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how can i make an existing user an admin for hubgets

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asked Jun 2, 2016 in General by amutarelli (Squire) 169 views
have an existing user that i log in to hubegts with.  i would like to give this user admin rights so i can invite others to hubgets with that user.

i currently have the admin log in, but would prefer to be logged in as myself and be able to add new team mates

1 Answer

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answered Jun 3, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]

Hello again,

If you are the first user of your Hubgets organization, then you are considered to be the Owner of the organization, and you can create other Admin users.

Just go to your Profile settings in the upper right corner of the interface, then select Manage Team, and then select the user that you need to make Admin from your group.

By clicking on the name, a window will open and a drop-down list will allow you to allocate the Admin role to the user. The other party will not be automatically notified of the role change, nor will he/she be notified if this role is revoked.

I have inserted a print screen image below, to visually illustrate the process.

Creating an Admin in Hubgets