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Is a User the same thing as an Extension?

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asked Jan 12, 2016 in General by Alex Steinmore (Squire) 181 views
I am used to the VoipNow extensions, but I am a bit confused regarding the User in Hubgets. Can you please explain the differences?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 12, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]
selected Jan 13, 2016 by DianaS
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Hello Alex,

Hubgets users own resources (extensions and data produced by extensions), have a role and belong to an Organization.

A Hubgets user can have multiple extensions. A phone extension is automatically assigned to every Hubgets user. That phone extension is displayed in the user's profile and can be called by other members of the organization. The same extension can be registered on more than one device (desktop browser, softphone app, IP Phone) and it will be reachable on all those devices.