Brand Identity Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in Hubgets. We've created these guidelines to help you work with our marks.

Marks shall mean Hubgets' trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, service names, abbreviations, designs and symbols that are associated with Hubgets. The Hubgets logo includes the Hubgets logotype and the associated symbols.


We've got two accepted forms, with the symbols above or at the right of the logotype.


The Hubgets logo can be used as is on white or light backgrounds. The inverted logo has been designed for dark backgrounds.


Make sure that the logo has enough contrast. Here are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable combinations.




The absolute minimum size of the Hubgets logo is 70 px/25mm.
You should not use a size smaller than this.

Clearance Space

If you are using the Hubgets logo with other graphic elements or text, please maintain a clearance space that is equal with an e of the same size as the e in the Hubgets logotype you used.

Incorrect Use

Other than specified herein, the Hubgets logo must not be changed. Do not use alter colors, rotate the logo, move the symbols inside the logo, add special effects to the logo, overprint or obstruct any parts of the logo.

Brand assets are available for download.

Hug You

Meet HUG, our mascot.

He is part of every team we serve. You will meet him in many places, he is also a very capable, AI powered bot. Please do not alter HUG's image in any way or make unauthorized association with it.

Unless approved in writing by Hubgets, do not use our HUG mascot in any artwork or in any other way that is not specifically approved by these guidelines or by Hubgets Terms of Service.

Hug on phone
Hug dancing
Hug hello
Hug confused

Final Information

Please use only the artwork presented in this page in relation with Hubgets.

We do not allow our marks to be used on merchandise, so we kindly ask you not to use our name, logo, mascot or other Hubgets marks in any way, on any merchandise, for whatever purposes it is used.

We provide open APIs and we encourage you to integrate Hubgets with your service or app. When you use Hubgets API, you must clearly specify that you are "not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Hubgets, Inc".

You must not use the Hubgets marks in a way that suggests you or/and your service are endorsed by, sponsored by, or in any way associated with Hubgets.

Please do not use, register or attempt to register, or take other action with respect to any name, logo, trademark, service mark, or other Hubgets mark or identifier.