10 Reasons Why Your Business
Should Get Hubgets

Every team deals with communication problems.
It's easier to solve them when team members are engaged.


Instant messaging
moves things faster

Teams communicate with lightning speed with Hubgets. You can collaborate on projects and tasks, share knowledge, media files, documents, basically almost everything you want. For a personal touch, add emoji and stickers.

Why not email? Well, email is still great with many tasks, but it's slow and not very transparent. People expect to work with tools that are just as friendly and responsive as the apps they use in their personal lives.

Instant messaging moves things faster

Millennial-friendly voice and video

Hubgets blends instant messaging with voice communication. Voice and video calls are established with one mouse click. The enterprise level phone comes with a wide set of features like call recording, voicemail, call forwarding. Do you want video? Just turn it on.

A voice conversation can be worth a lot more than a written message. Still, young people prefer chats to phone calls because they're more used to them. Hubgets delivers both.

Get Hubgets Enterprise state-of-the-art IP PBX and enjoy all the advanced telephony features like IVR, agents, and contact center.

Millennial-friendly voice and video

Want satisfied ecstatic customers?

Hubgets encourages your entire team to get involved. Actually, Page by Hubgets is the business card of every team member, and unlike the traditional card it is available online and fully interactive. Using Page, any lead or business partner can connect with your team members in real-time on chat, voice, and video for free.

Do you want to talk to a lead? Just go to your Hubgets contact list and send out an invitation.

Customers expect vendors to react immediately to any suggestion or feedback. Social networks fuel these expectations. Hubgets delivers.

Want ecstatic customers?

Artificial Intelligence makes you
more productive

Hubgets automatically computes a real-time <3 happiness index for the entire team and uses sophisticated algorithms to reduce distractions and relieve frustration.

For example, if you are focusing on a task, Hubgets will not even annoy you with notifications, let alone allow phone calls or messages to get through.

Businesses end up investing more time in meetings, briefing and debriefing than in actual work. Apps and social notifications play their part in distracting people's attention. Not with Hubgets.

Artificial Intelligence makes you more productive

Page by Hubgets is included in the Free plan


Smart meetings only

Hubgets makes many meetings redundant, because it keeps your team up-to-date with new and important information without wasting work time. Everyone can engage in instant conversations on the Team Board or in Topics, and gather the necessary information on-the-go.

Even if you are not contributing to a Topic, you can easily find out what's going on.

Everyone knows that most meetings are boring and unproductive. Even meetings called to speed up the decision-making process eventually turn into informative gatherings. Hubgets gets it.

Smart meetings only

Empower the team

Hubgets keeps communication transparent so that everyone knows where the team is heading. Team Topics enable you to share knowledge with the entire team, whereas group Topics allow you to focus on projects and tasks that do not need everyone’s attention.

The presence engine automatically tells you who’s available and who’s busy, and the Team Board lets you post updates for the entire team. Communication is centralized and all team members can review it at any time.

In all organizations, information gets stuck, lost, or forgotten. The larger the team, the bigger the effort to fill in the blanks and get the work done. Not with Hubgets.

Empower the team

Learn from past experiences

Hubgets makes it much easier to learn from the past, by indexing your entire communication. Every piece of information automatically becomes a major contribution to the company knowledge. The advanced search feature uses tags and filters to help you find important files and messages.

Even phone conversations can be recorded and revisited at any time later on.

In every workplace, a lot of things have already been said and done. Such experiences get buried in meeting rooms, knowledge bases or inboxes. Instead of building on a foundation, people waste their time digging for information. Hubgets does the heavy work for you.

Learn from past experiences

Save your IT budget

Hubgets helps your team collaborate efficiently, in a secure environment, from any device. You don't have to download and install the software on every computer, just open the browser and you are ready to go. Updates, maintenance, security - these are on us.

If you want to implement your policies, you are fully covered. Just install Hubgets Enterprise on your infrastructure and you'll experience the cloud flexibility on your own terms.

Enterprise tools are not easy on running costs. Support and maintenance are expensive, someone has to be in charge of provisioning and configuration, any update takes time and resources, and so on. With Hubgets, all costs are transparent.

Save your IT budget

Bring your team to Hubgets


File sharing,
easy and trackable

How to keep track of a vast amount of data and place it in the right context? Hubgets takes a radically different approach to file sharing, as each file is integrated into communication. You can work with media files, archives, documents or any other type of file right in the communication thread. Media files also come with a nice preview.

Forget about working with links to files or folders stored who-knows-where. Due to the integration of files into the conversation, file management is dramatically simplified.

Lots of services enable teams to share files and archives. But you will end up storing hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of data of information that is difficult to track and organize. Not with Hubgets.

File sharing, easy and trackable

Onboard people fast

Making newcomers productive fast is crucial for business. For example, most of the new software engineers in our company contribute to the code on their first week in the office. New members become productive and autonomous much faster when the team uses Hubgets.

All Hubgets features, from the warm \m/ Welcome to the team! message on the Team Board to all shared resources, speed up team integration and job transition processes.

Many organizations invest a lot of time and money in training new team members. However great induction programs might be, newcomers still find it difficult to break the ice, let alone bond with the team. Hubgets smoothes the path.

Onboard people fast