Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. General Information

1.1. Your privacy is very important to Hubgets. Hubgets protects your personal information and created this Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy.

1.2. When we refer to "Hubgets" or "we" or "us" during this Privacy Policy, we refer to Hubgets, Inc. with its principal place of business at 4250 Lancaster Pike, Suite 120, Wilmington, DE 19805, USA.

1.3. "You" means any individual user who uses the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software, or the Hubgets Website (as defined below). If You are any form of legal entity, a company, a corporation, a subsidiary, a branch, a department or other separate unit of such, a joint-venture, a partnership, an NGO, or any other form of legal organization (hereinafter referred to as a "company"), "You" shall mean any of Your employees, agents, consultants and individual contractors who use the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software, or the Hubgets Website. You agree to make sure that this Privacy Policy is brought to their knowledge and that they accept and agree with all the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.4. "Personal Information" means information that personally identifies You.

1.5. This Privacy Policy describes what kind of Personal Information You need to provide when using the Hubgets Service (as defined in our ToS available at, when accessing and using the Hubgets API (as defined in our API ToS available at, when downloading and using the Hubgets Software (as defined in our Hubgets EULA available at, or when accessing the website (the "Hubgets Website"). This Privacy Policy also describes the purpose for which we collect such information, how we use it and what choices You have.

1.6. If You have any questions about our Privacy Policy or regarding any aspect related to Your Personal Information collected and/or processed by Hubgets, please send us a notice, request, demand, consent and other communication in writing, either by registered letter or by email, to the following contact Information:

Hubgets, Inc.
4250 Lancaster Pike, Suite 120, Wilmington, DE 19805, USA
Privacy Department:

For up-to-date contact information, please check

1.7. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use Your Personal Information. If You are part of a company, You should be aware that Your Company may have its own policies and rules on how it treats Personal Information. In particular, if You use the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software, or the Hubgets Website as part of Your employment relationships, or on a device or account provided to You by Your employer or another company, Your employer or such company may have its own policies regarding the collection, processing, accessing, storage, intervention on Your Personal Information, its deletion, and/or retention of Your Personal Information and the data and content that You or other user will transmit, post, or otherwise make available via the Hubgets Service, including, but not limited to, Your sent and received communication (messages), voice and video calls, uploaded files/documents, profile information and anything else You or other user enter or upload into the Hubgets Service and Hubgets API or entered on Hubgets Website ("Your Data"). Hubgets is not liable for and has no control over such policies and rules. Furthermore, special rules established by the owner of Your account may be applicable if You are part of a company. The owner or administrator of Your account may have rights to access content that would otherwise be considered private to You or to a limited group of people.

1.8. By subscribing or using the Hubgets Service, by using the Hubgets API, by subscribing or using the Hubgets Software, or by accessing or using the Hubgets Website, You expressly agree with Hubgets processing Your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including collecting and sending this Personal Information to Hubgets affiliates, whether in U.S., European Union and/or Singapore, or any other country where we operate, to the banks, payment gateway that processes card payments, third-party partners, for being processed and for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

1.9. Hubgets reserves the right to supplement and/or amend, at any time, the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and will notify You 5 days in advance through Hubgets notifications that the Privacy Policy has changed. In case no formal refusal is received from You with respect to the changed Privacy Policy by the time such amendments are implemented, or in case You continue to use the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software or the Hubgets Website, such shall be considered accepted. If You disagree with the amendment/supplementation of this Privacy Policy, You may terminate Your account, together with the users associated with Your account and You will stop using the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software or the Hubgets Website.

2. Collection of Your Personal Information

2.1. By using the Hubgets Service, Hubgets API or Hubgets Software and/or by accessing the Hubgets Website, You grant Hubgets the permission to use information that personally identifies You ("Personal Information"). Personal Information collected by Hubgets is described in Section 3, but may include any other information we might need to provide a service to You.

2.2. Hubgets requests Personal Information when You get a free trial of the Hubgets Service, when You place an order, request a service, answer a survey, enter a contest, correspond with us or engage in certain other activities on Hubgets Website. For example:

  • If You submit an online order to Hubgets for Hubgets Service or Hubgets Software, You will be asked for Personal Information needed to complete the transaction, such as Your first name, Your last name, Your company name (if the case) and Your title, address, Your email address, Your phone number. The financial information about Your credit or debit card submitted online is handled by a specialized, third-party payment processor and never reaches Hubgets infrastructure. Hubgets will never know Your financial information about Your credit or debit card.
  • In order to perform technical services You might need, Hubgets requires sensitive information such as passwords and host addresses. This kind of information is gathered in a secure way. The methodology to send this information is described when Hubgets requests such information.

2.3. You make all the decisions so as to proceed or not with any activity that requests Your Personal Information. However, please note that if You do not wish to provide the requested information, You may not be able to complete the transaction or Hubgets may not be able to provide the service You requested.

3. Types of collected Personal Information

3.1. Hubgets collects the following types of information (without being limited to):

3.1.1. Profile and account information. The Personal Information necessary to create Your Hubgets account is Your first name, Your last name, Your email address, Your address (city, postal code, country, region), Your phone number, Your company, and a chosen username and password for the Hubgets Service. You may certainly add additional information to Your account to define Your profile, such as Your occupation (title), and a profile picture. Any information You add to Your profile is visible to other people in Your team and, when You activate Your Hubgets public profile, some of such Personal Information will be publicly exposed.

3.1.2. If You are the owner of Your account, You will be requested to provide a team domain to allow people on that domain to sign up for Your team with an invitation.

3.1.3. Log data. When You use the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets Software or the Hubgets Website, our servers automatically gather and log data, including data sent by Your browser every time You visit a website or by Your mobile app when You are using that app. This log data may include, without being limited to, your IP address, Your browser type and its setting, details regarding Your browser configuration and its plug-ins, cookie data, language preferences, the date and time of Your request, and the address of the website you visited before coming to Hubgets Website. Log data does not contain content that You contributed.

3.1.4. Device information. The device on which You are using the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software or the Hubgets Website may also send various information that might be collected by Hubgets, including, without being limited to, the type of device, its operating system, the settings of Your device, other unique identifiers of the device and, when available, also crash data. The exact type of information we collect depends on the type of device it is and the settings it has.

3.1.5. Geo-location information. Hubgets collects accurate GPS data from Your computer, phone or other devices You may use to access the Hubgets Services, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software, or the Hubgets Website only with Your permission. Wi-Fi and IP addresses that are received either from Your browser or from Your device may be used to determine Your estimated location.

3.1.6. Hubgets usage information. Hubgets collects information about the teams, users, features, content, and links You interact with when using the Hubgets Service and the Hubgets API, and what are the integrations that are related with the services You are using.

3.1.7. Service integrations. If You integrate with a service on Hubgets, we will connect such a service to Hubgets via Hubgets API.

  • Users may be able to add integrations that may cover all Hubgets functionality, depending on the team settings. The account owner and administrators will have management rights (like for example view and edit) over these integrations.
  • Your passwords for any of such services are neither received, nor stored by Hubgets.
  • Any integration can be removed at any time, which will unbind that integration from Hubgets in the future. However, removing the integration will not delete the content previously received from such a integration and indexed within Hubgets.

3.1.8. The content produced during the communication process within Hubgets Service (both sent and received). This includes:

  • The content of the messages itself. This content can include, but without being limited to chat messages, topics messages, pictures, video and any other types of files that can be exchanged within Hubgets.
  • The time when any type of messages, emails, or files were sent, their sender, the date and time when or if You saw them, and where You received them.
  • When voice or video calls were received or sent by/to You and to/by whom, when or if they were answered, and where You received them.
  • Voicemails, voice/video call recording, faxes and other assets produced by phone calls, together with information regarding the date they were produced and who sent or received them.

3.1.9. What You do in Hubgets. We also collect information about how You use Hubgets Services, such as the frequency and duration of Your activities, Hubgets features that You use and with which frequency.

3.1.10. Your network and connections. We collect information about the users You are connected to (either as teammates or as customers) and how You interact with them. We also collect contact information You provide if You upload, sync or import this information (such as an address book) from a device.

3.1.11. Billing information. If You are the owner of Hubgets Services or Hubgets Software account, we collect Your first name, Your last name, Your company name (if the case), address, Your email address and Your telephone number. Your payment information, such as Your credit or debit card number and other card information, is handled by a specialized, third-party payment processor and never reaches Hubgets infrastructure.

4. Use of Personal Information

4.1. Hubgets collects Data from You for the following purposes:

4.1.1. To provide the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets Software, the Hubgets API or the Hubgets Website. We use information You provide to authenticate You and/or deliver content to You and from You, as part of Your use of the Hubgets Service.

4.1.2. To improve our service, to provide future service and support. This information mainly refers to Your contact details and to the requested Hubgets Service, Hubgets API, Hubgets Software and support, as well as to information related to Your usage of such. This information is generally used to provide updates to Hubgets Service, Hubgets API, or Hubgets Software, information about our new product features or other news about support and similar notices and to improve our products. Information that is aggregated or de-identified so that it is no longer linked to a Hubgets Service, Hubgets API or Hubgets Software user does not fall under this Privacy Policy, as it does not refer to Personal Information and therefore Hubgets has no limitation to use it, in accordance with applicable law.

4.1.3. To optimize Your use of our services and to ensure a better use of these services. We may send You emails to enable You to better administrate Your account or to make a better use of our services, such as when we notice that Your account is reaching a limit, or we may send You notification about the changes in the Hubgets Service or the Hubgets API or the Hubgets Software, or our commercial offering, as well as in-product communications designed to optimize Your use of services (such as suggestions we can make on how You can improve usage of Hubgets Service, Hubgets API or Hubgets Software).

4.1.4. To respond to law enforcement organizations, government officials, or third-parties when compelled by subpoena, court order, or applicable law, or to report or prevent suspected fraudulent or illegal activity related to the use of the Hubgets Service, Hubgets API, Hubgets Software or Hubgets Website. Hubgets will notify You of the information request or submission, as and if allowed.

4.1.5. To prevent fraud and other law infringements. We may review Your Data and other Personal Information to investigate and prevent fraud, abuse, and other violation of the applicable law and/or of the Hubgets policies.

4.1.6. To provide various Hubgets communities with relevant Hubgets alerts and updates. These updates are related to Hubgets Service, Hubgets API, Hubgets Software releases, prices, terms, special offers, and associated campaigns.

4.1.7. To better tailor marketing campaigns to user needs. Hubgets may use information from user purchases and user-specified requirements to provide You with timely and pertinent notices of Hubgets Service, Hubgets API, and Hubgets Software releases and service developments that address Your needs and specified requirements.

4.1.8. To select content. Your data may be collected to help create website content and navigation that is most relevant and user friendly. This includes Data collected as a result of Hubgets Website navigation, as well as data provided in various forms.

4.1.9. To respond to user inquiries and requests for information. If You contact us with a problem or question, we will use Your Personal Information and Your Data to respond to that request and address Your problems or concerns. In addition, we collect data from registrations for online newsletters, opt-in mailing lists and specific requests for further information.

4.1.10. To allow You to use the interactive discussion groups and public community. There are parts of the Hubgets Website and Hubgets Service that allow You to participate in interactive discussions. Some of these are moderated; all are subject to access for technical reasons. Hubgets does not control the content that users post and some may serve as public discussion forums. As in any interactive forum open to many users, You should carefully consider whether You wish to submit data and should tailor any other submitted content accordingly.

5. Control and share of Your Personal Information

5.1. Hubgets will not share Your Personal Information with third-parties without Your permission, other than for the limited exceptions already listed in this Privacy Policy. It will only be used for the purposes stated herein. Your Personal Information will be stored only for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data is collected, as mentioned above.

5.2. All the information submitted on the Hubgets Website or for using the Hubgets Service, Hubgets API or Hubgets Software is secure. Once You enter Your email address, phone number or any other contact information on Hubgets Website or You associate such information with Your account, You permit Hubgets to contact You regarding further aspects. You can unsubscribe from the Hubgets' data base for marketing communications at any time. Full information on how to unsubscribe is provided at the end of the emails automatically sent to You.

5.3. Upon any termination of Your account for Hubgets Service, Hubgets will have no obligation to maintain or provide Your Data. If Your team’s account is deleted, we will delete or destroy all copies of Your Data in our possession or control, unless legally prohibited.

6. Access to and rights related to Your Personal Information. Managing Your account

6.1. Hubgets provides You with means to ensure that Your Personal Information is correct and up-to-date. You can access Your Personal Information by accessing the information You have provided in Your account or in case of information provided by accessing the Hubgets Website, You can access and update Your Personal Information by contacting Hubgets. If you have an account with Hubgets, You can update Your Personal Information in Your profile management page. You are entitled to request the deletion of Your Personal Information only when Your team’s Hubgets account is terminated. You have the right to object at any time, based on legitimate grounds, regarding the processing of Your Personal Information by Hubgets.

6.2. Depending on the chosen functionality of Hubgets Service, Hubgets API or Hubgets Software, You may have control over the type of Your Personal Information that is visible to others or not and may have certain choices about the visibility to others of certain parts of this Personal Information.

6.3. If You are the owner or an administrator of an account, then You have the right to manage and change most of the team settings, and invite, create and disable user accounts for Your team. You can request the termination of Your team account only if you are the account owner.

6.4. If You are user of the Hubgets Service (but without being the owner or an administrator), You may ask the owner of Your team account to terminate Your account; in such a case, Your access to the Hubgets team associated with that account will be disabled; however, Your profile and its content will not be deleted, as this is considered part of Your team’s data. You cannot completely delete a profile once it is created, but You can update Your profile information at any time and modify Your email settings. You can also change Your account password.

6.5. Uploaded documents and files in Hubgets Service follow the same terms as the management of Your content associated with Your account.

6.6. You can delete at any time voicemails, faxes, and voice and video call recordings available in call history for Your Hubgets account.

7. Your Data retention settings

7.1. Your Data, including the Personal Information contain therein, is retained until the account of Your team is terminated.

8. Sharing and Disclosure

8.1. Your Data, including communications and related content and other user information may be shared by Hubgets without Your consent, in the following situations: To comply with the applicable law, regulations or with a legal request, such as when necessary to protect the life, safety, rights, or property of the public, of any person, or of Hubgets, or to prevent or detect or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues. In case Hubgets receives a request to disclose Your Data, including Your Personal Information, to a law enforcement officer or to other third-party, to the extent permitted by law, Hubgets will provide You with a prior notice as and if allowed. To Hubgets third-party contractors, provided that they will be bound at least by Hubgets obligations under this Privacy Policy. Such Hubgets third-party contractors may include, but are not limited to, our data processors employed to process Your Personal Information on our behalf and based on our instructions, infrastructure providers, payment processors, marketing partners, and other third-parties contractors acting on our behalf, under contractual provisions and strict confidentiality obligations. In the event of a transaction involving change of control over Hubgets. Hubgets may engage in a merger, acquisition by another company, sale of all or a portion of its assets, or other type of reorganization process, in which Your Personal Information will likely be among the assets transferred. You will be notified via the email address You have provided for to Your account and the placement of a prominent notice on the Hubgets Website for at least 30 days after the transaction becomes effective of any such ownership transfer or change of control over Your personal information. It becomes information that is statistically collected and non-personally identifiable. Hubgets may also share and disclose aggregated or non-personally identifiable information, that it is no longer linked to You, as user of the Hubgets Service, Hubgets API, Hubgets Software, or of the Hubgets Website, with our partners or other third-parties, or even make such information public, for research purposes or for other business-linked purposes (like the average number of chat messages sent within a Hubgets team in a certain timeframe, statistics about user behavior etc.)

9. Security of Your Personal Information

9.1. Hubgets takes security very seriously and has implemented security measures, consistent with the laws of the State of Delaware and international information practices, to protect Your Personal Information. These measures include technical and procedural steps to protect Your Data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration, or destruction. All information is transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

9.2. Hubgets stores the Personal Information You provide in computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities. Hubgets uses all its reasonable efforts when deploying services related to data integrity, backup, security, and retention. Hubgets takes reasonable efforts to guard Your Data, but no security system is impenetrable and due to the inherent nature of the Internet as an open global communications vehicle, Hubgets cannot guarantee that data and information, during transmission through the Internet or while stored in Hubgets systems or otherwise in Hubgets’ care, will be absolutely safe from intrusion by unauthorized persons.

9.3. You should be aware that Hubgets cannot guarantee that Personal Information You choose to store in Hubgets Website or via Hubgets Service shall be maintained at the level of protection that You need or that You are obliged to in relation to this information. You assume ultimate responsibility for data integrity, retention, security, backup, ownership, and legal right of its use and processing.

10. International Users

10.1. If You are visiting the Hubgets Website from or if You are a user of the Hubgets Service, Hubgets API or Hubgets Software resident of the European Union or other regions with laws governing data collection and use, please note that You are agreeing to the transfer of Your Personal Information to the United States, European Union, or Singapore (or any other country where we operate) by Hubgets and have the information processed there. By providing Your Personal Information and by accessing the Hubgets Website and/or using the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, or the Hubgets Software, You consent to any transfer and processing in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

11. Children's information

11.1 The Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software and the Hubgets Website is not directed to be used by children under the age of 13 and we do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13, so if You become aware that a child under 13 year old has provided Hubgets with Personal Information, please inform us accordingly at, we will take steps to delete such information from our files as soon as possible.

11.2 Minors and Parental Consent. We strongly recommend that minors, i.e. individuals between the ages of 13 and 17, obtain their parents' consent prior to using the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets Software, the Hubgets API and/or the Hubgets Website, or prior to sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Hubgets Software, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software and the Hubgets Website. Hubgets reserves the right to: (i) limit use of the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, the Hubgets Software and the Hubgets Website, in whole or in part, by minors, (ii) add special protections for minors, where we deem it to be necessary, (iii) restrict adults from sharing and connecting with minors, notwithstanding the fact that this may result in minors enjoying a limited experience in our services.

12. Use of Cookies

12.1. When You visit the Hubgets Website, a cookie is placed on Your machine (if You accept cookies) or is read if You have visited the Hubgets Website previously. One use of cookies is to assist in the collection of the site visitation statistics, and to do site analytics and customization, among other things. While Hubgets does not offer an opt-out on the site for cookies, browsers provide You with information and control over cookies.

12.2. Other cookies are associated with Your Hubgets account and Your Personal Information in order to remember that You are logged in.

12.3. You may generally disable the cookie feature on Your browser without affecting Your ability to use the Hubgets Website, except in some cases where cookies are used as an essential security feature necessary for transaction completion. However, if You disable the cookie feature on Your browser, You will not be able to use the Hubgets Service.

13. External Links

13.1. The Hubgets Website contains links to other websites that are not under our control and authority, that Hubgets thinks You may find useful. If You click these links, You will leave the Hubgets Website and enter websites that may have different privacy policies and terms of use than the Hubgets Website, the Hubgets Service, the Hubgets API, and the Hubgets Software. Hubgets is not responsible for the privacy practices or for the content of such websites.