We put the team in teamwork
through instant communication

Hubgets is an instant communication platform available as a service or in your private cloud. With Hubgets, we enable people to communicate and turn experience into searchable knowledge.

Page by Hubgets, the public webpage available for each Hubgets user,
simplifies and streamlines communication with third-parties.

Instant communication, converged and simplified

Hubgets unifies communication channels and makes them
100% available for your team

Hubgets focuses on experience and communication results. We minimize the noise produced by notifications in order to relieve frustration. We place all the instant channels out there - chat, voice, video, in the hands of people and we empower them to connect their dreams, emotions, and goals.

Hubgets helps businesses build a culture of transparency, where people learn and evolve fast. Onboarding new team members takes significantly less time and effort. With instant access to team communication and collaboration on past and current projects, they learn the workflows on the fly and become productive without much formal training.

How we do it

Putting people first is the key. This is very different to other communication platforms that are constantly pushing for the user's attention. Hubgets teams are more responsible and committed, and the entire business achieves better results.

Hubgets uses artificial intelligence to determine people's state of mind and adjusts communication flows based on over 50 factors. Our mission - a happier team able to achieve the most ambitious goals.

We make business communication transparent and effective
so that you can do more with less effort.

Converged communication

Connect with team members and customers through secure business voice, video, 1:1 instant messages, and group chat with file sharing.

Knowledge retention

Centralize and search the entire team knowledge ever produced. Hubgets automatically indexes and classifies everything, including Topics.

Engaged customers

Instantly connect with anyone outside your company through voice, video and chat, while keeping personal information fully private.

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Secure access

Control access to communication flows in your company. Secure channels and get visibility on resource access.

Work presence in real-time

Find out who’s available in seconds. Get real-time reports on team presence so you can accurately track availability.

File and media sharing

Transfer large documents, archives, images, audio and video files. Secure, yet easy access to shared content.

Topic-centric collaboration

Discuss projects and tasks in team-wide or group Topics. Feedback, content, and decisions are instantly visible to all Topic participants.

Available everywhere

Whether you're using Hubgets in the browser, on your desktop or mobile, your communication is always safe, private and consistent.

Hubgets Enterprise

For full control, get Hubgets on your private Cloud. Gain unlimited access to data, APIs and enterprise PBX functionality. Check it out.

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