Your web business card

Communicate instantly with your business partners on chat, voice, and video.

Let people easily reach you, without giving out your email or phone number.

How Page works?

It's your online webpage that allows your partners to instantly get in touch with you. While you control the process.


Customize your Page by Hubgets

Page manages your connection with the world 24/7 and it's fully integrated into Hubgets team environment. Setting it up is really simple.

Decide what personal information you want to display on your Page. Choose your avatar, insert your real name or an alias, your company name and title.

Your partners will be able to contact you directly from the browser, for free.


Protect your privacy

Page by Hubgets can learn about your presence and location in real-time and display it to your guests, if you choose so. While such details add to the instant communication experience, you can keep them private with only 2 clicks.

To improve business networking, you may also add your social profiles like Twitter or LinkedIn to the Page.

#3 Publish the Page!

Add the URL of your Page to your email signature, websites, and social network profiles. The web is your new secure instant contact method.

Page by Hubgets in action

Experience Page with our team. Click on any avatar to see how it works and what it feels like.


Start with Talk!

Every interaction starts with a short message from your guest. Before accepting a request from a Page guest, you will see their message and profile.

Worried about spammers or bots contacting you? Don't be! We use state-of-the-art algorithms to identify requests from humans.


Know your guests beforehand

With each contact request, Hubgets builds a detailed guest profile using public information available on the internet.

Details such as the guest's company, their line of business, job title, and accurate geo-location will help you build a picture of who is trying to get in touch with you. For business people, gaining access to such valuable information in the early stage of the connection is a tremendous advantage.


Unleash communication

Once the session starts, you can chat and establish a free voice or video conversation. Your guest does not need any special device, the connection is possible from any desktop or mobile. And of course, no software installation is necessary either.

Got things to send? Securely transfer large files (up to 2GB) such as documents, archives, and media. Links? No problem, everyone will get link previews. Emoji anyone? You have over 1,000 emoji and stickers to choose from.

Get Page by Hubgets

It's available with the Hubgets Free plan.
Set up your Page, it takes less than 5 minutes.

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Page is for great teams

It makes your partners feel part of the team.

Engage every team member

Sales and customer service teams are the first to benefit of the extended business reach, but Page brings value to every member of the team.

Everyone becomes a brand ambassador, creating opportunities for new business deals and contributing to success.

Keep track of conversations

Your entire communication history with a lead, prospect, customer or partner is in one place. All conversations on your Page are archived, you can search and tag them.

Need to record phone conversations? No problem, this feature is available starting with Hubgets Team plan.

More contacts in less time

Businesses waste a lot of time scheduling meetings, deciding on the media support, logging in, waiting for the participants to join, and so on. This flow is both frustrating and time-consuming.

Page by Hubgets brings a natural, more productive communication experience.

Privacy on your own terms

How to make yourself available and still stay in control of your privacy? With Page by Hubgets, you won't have to share your email or phone number.

While the whole world can reach your Page, you always get to decide whether you want to start the conversation or not.

Do you need more reasons to try it?

Better see for yourself. :) Build your Page, publish it, Talk!

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