Service Plans

Pay only for what your team needs



free forever

Up to 20 users
in the cloud


free forever

Up to 20 users
in the cloud


per user

Up to 1,000 users
in the cloud


per user

Up to 1,000 users
in the cloud


Call us

Unlimited users
on your infrastructure


Call us

Unlimited users
on your infrastructure


Maximum number 100 / user 5k / user 10k / user Unlimited
Notes per contact


File storage 1GB / user 5GB / user 10GB / user Unlimited
Maximum file limit 100MB 500MB 2GB Unlimited
Exchange media files
Exchange any file

Partner Communication

Personal Hubgets Page
Send out invitations
Chat, voice and video

Team Chat

Direct one-to-one
Open topics 5 / user 10 / user 20 / user Unlimited
Message retention Last 5k / thread Last 20k / thread Unlimited Unlimited

Team Collaboration

Team Board
Presence and location
Productivity analysis

Team Phone

Voice and video calls
Call history

Business PBX

Call recording
Enterprise phone
Fax center
Contact center
Call cost optimization
Advanced call policies
Call routing


Resource tagging


Community Ask HUG!
Email based
Instant support
Professional services
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Starter plans

Start for free with our special plan designed for fellow startups. Upgrade to a paid plan when you close that first big deal!


When you sign up to Hubgets, you're automatically assigned this plan. You may use most of Hubgets features, including Page by Hubgets. There are certain limitations, but don't worry, this plan will be free forever and you will gain access to new stuff on every update.


Are you building the next big thing? Great, we made this plan for you. You get more features and most resource limitations are raised. Message retention comes with certain restraints, but with 20k messages per thread, it will be long before you get there.

Business plans

Enjoy the complete feature set and lots of resources in the cloud or on your infrastructure.


Do you want unlimited message retention, extended file storage, a large number of contacts, and the ultimate collaboration feature set available in the cloud? Team is the best plan you can get in the cloud, feature and support-wise.


Do you want to deploy Hubgets on your own infrastructure or in your private cloud? You can implement your policies and have full control over your data and APIs. Best choice for regulated industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our cloud

  1. Yes. You can use Hubgets Free with your team of up to 20 members.

  2. For all our paid plans, we offer a first 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, you can use Hubgets for free before making the purchase.

  3. A user is a member on your team for whom you create an account so she/he can use Hubgets.

  4. Pricing is based on the number of active users. You can add users and disable them at any time, the charges on your invoice are prorated based on the number of days in a month users were active.

  5. All payments are conducted online with a credit or debit card. We support all major credit and debit cards.

  6. Keeping our customers' data secure is extremely important to us. We take a lot of measures to protect your data, see our Privacy Policy for more information.
    If you want to be in full control of your data security or privacy compliance, Hubgets Enterprise is available.

  7. Each plan comes with a limit per user. Let's take for example Hubgets Team that has a limit of 10 GB per user. In this case a team with 10 active users will benefit from 10 x 10 GB = 100 GB of storage space. This limitation applies to the disk space used by files (call recordings, voicemail, documents, images, video).

Hubgets Enterprise

  1. You can try Hubgets for free in our cloud with Hubgets Free plan. Hubgets Enterprise requires installation and configuration on your infrastructure or private cloud.

  2. Please contact our sales department for a personalized offer.

  3. A user is a member on your team for whom you create an account so she/he can use Hubgets.

  4. The price of the license is based on the number of users you want to enroll to Hubgets. Suspended users are not counted against the license limit.

  5. Yes, you can upgrade the license at any time, once you have reached the maximum number of users allowed by the purchased license.

  6. Yes, you can downgrade the license at the end of the subscription period.

  7. The software does not impose any restriction in this regard. The only limitation is on the hardware you use. To simplify deployments, Hubgets can use Amazon S3 or any Cloud Object Storage compatible with Amazon S3 protocol, for example OpenStack Swift.