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Does a sad face in your mood stop incoming messages?

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asked Apr 27, 2016 in Mood by Annie (Captain) 246 views
Noticed that you can select your mood in the welcome screen. What happens if you select a sad smiley? Does it stop incoming messages?

1 Answer

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answered Apr 27, 2016 by Em [Hubgets]
When you select one of the three emoticons to describe your mood, this is simply to tell people on your team how you're feeling.  The reasoning behind this feature is very simple: we think it helps knowing if your teammate is having a good day or a bad one. You can adjust your message, perhaps you can help.

The mood status doesn't stop notifications, incoming messages or phone calls. Flows in Hubgets happen as usual.

From the point of view of analytics, this feature is also designed to help management extract stats on the team's level of happiness, and eventually adjust and improve internal policies or programs to get the team happier at work.