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have you implemented remote work with Hubgets?

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asked Oct 1, 2016 in General by Tristan (Squire) 287 views
More and more candidates ask us if we have allow for days of Remote Work. How could Hubgets help us enable such a program?

1 Answer

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answered Oct 1, 2016 by DianaS [Hubgets]

Hello Tristan,

Working from home has become a global trend, and Hubgets makes it very easy for organisations to implement such a perk. Using My Availability, you will be able to see when your employees are online and available/ busy, or offline. Hubgets offers voice and video calling, conferencing in Topics, so that employees can work from any location in the world, provided they have an internet connection.

There are a few tools that you can use to run more productive remote meetings, and we wrote a blog article about them a while ago: 7 Clever Tools For Running More Productive Remote Meetings.

Hope this helps!