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What does "Hubgets knows better" mean?

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asked Jan 12, 2016 in Activity by Stephen (Squire) 298 views
Is it "busy", but with some exceptions? Like a filter for notifications, to mute unwanted activity?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 12, 2016 by AlexandraB (Squire)
Hello again Stephen,

Here's the deal with Hubgets knows better: if the user is presently logged in on at least a device, it will show an orange presence line underneath the user photo. This is, if you want, the best of both worlds, in order to maximize users' focus on their work.
This type of status "reads" user actions in the Hubgets interface (ongoing activities that the user is involved in), and does not allow for incoming calls or chats if the user is seen as busy with an ongoing activity. All incoming activity is recorded in the Notifications panel, but no pop-up or audio alerts are generated.
When the user is seen as available, all notifications are allowed.