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+3 votes
asked Jun 1, 2016 in General by CoolRob (Archer) 1 answer 251 views
If I would like to post on my social media account whatever I posted on the work Activity ... it possible? How do I connect the accounts?
+4 votes
asked May 16, 2016 in General by Adrian34 (Archer) 2 answers 395 views
I never updated statuses on facebook or twitter or other social networks, although I would read other ... if this can be a usage pattern...
+6 votes
asked Jan 14, 2016 in Activity by Eddie Shinyskin (Archer) 1 answer 277 views
I don't want people knowing where I am all the time. I understand that this is a ... is there a way to disable this location tracking?
+10 votes
asked Jan 12, 2016 in Activity by Stephen (Squire) 1 answer 270 views
I might not want my employees to know that I am working, at times. I often use the ... I be invisible to the others in the organization?
+6 votes
asked Jan 12, 2016 in Activity by Stephen (Squire) 1 answer 298 views
Is it "busy", but with some exceptions? Like a filter for notifications, to mute unwanted activity?
+7 votes
asked Jan 12, 2016 in Direct messages by LindsayG (Archer) 1 answer 333 views
I'd need to easily find a chat that I have had with a colleague a while ago, just like you can do it in Facebook. Is this available?
+7 votes
asked Dec 28, 2015 in Activity by Adrian Branescu (Squire) 1 answer 388 views
I'd like to mention colleagues in the message posted in activity in order to make ... regarding them without sending a mass message.
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