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Do you guys compare efficiency of teams in Topics?

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asked Sep 13, 2016 in Topics by AaronS (Squire) 278 views
edited Sep 13, 2016 by AaronS
I find it interesting to study how Topics related to projects evolve. Do the teams in Topics crack problems faster, compared to the time in which they used the chat much less?
What has changed for the better and what has changed for the worst in your companies, after teams started chatting more?

1 Answer

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answered Sep 13, 2016 by Lee (Archer)
The chat benefited my team a lot, because my colleagues are quite young and they like chatting. We use group chat a lot for projects, but also as threads to communicate with people in other departments (so that everyone is aware of everything). We used to have more meetings before and face to face discussions. I am not yet sure that this was a good change, but I guess this is where the world is going.