How to stay calm and focus at work
18 May, 2017

How to Stay Calm and Keep Your Focus at Work

As fast-paced and technology driven as the modern workplace might be, distractions and interruptions still manage to keep us still, slowing down our productivity. “Friendly” […]

Elon Musk and team management
24 Apr, 2017

3 Ways to Manage Teams like Elon Musk

Musk: Space X, Tesla Inc, SolarCity, and the list goes on. Just look up Neuralink, you’ll use it to download your mind, two decades from […]

20 Apr, 2017

Virtual Coworking Spaces Tomorrow, Today

Coworking is a concept that’s “younger” than the average millennial professional life. Yet it also seems to be hugely popular, trendy even. Projected coworking spaces […]