Make Work Fun Again

While many companies put a lot of effort into attracting and hiring new talent, the most successful ones are those who also know how to retain talent. We think that a fun work environment is in part what keeps our talented people together, so we thought we’d share our “recipe of success” here.

Make Work Fun Again

Author and keynote speaker Stephen R. Covey said:

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.

Retention is an important step towards cementing a business. The more entrenched you are in a culture, the more you become attached to what you do there. Leaders who care about their employees’ work and well being have this solved from the start. Even when the work is hard.

Promoting a relaxed, fun, collaborative culture is the first step towards attracting and retaining top skill, great taste, and character. Smart people like to be challenged, but only in a place that instills creativity, communication, and collaboration. This makes them feel useful and engaged, proud of their work and happy to do it every day.

Happy @ work

Happiness should be on everyone’s agenda, not just during leisure hours. Here at Hubgets we know if someone is happy, sad, or just plain bored on a given workday without bumping into them. Our teamwork platform lets you share your mood with the rest of the class at any time. It’s good to know which side of the bed your colleagues have woken up to 😀 And the activity bar in the interface gives you a quick debriefing if anything has happened in your absence. Cheerful emoticons and animated stickers make collaboration more familiar and fun.

What really makes Hubgets stand out is what it does to galvanize collaboration:

Voice and video – call your teammates, your customers and your partners. It doesn’t matter if you call them on their Hubgets extension or on their phone (landline, mobile or VoIP) number, it takes two mouse clicks.

Topics – group discussions and projects

Direct messaging – one-to-one convos

Activity – streaming important updates company-wide

Mass-messaging – pushing an alert to every user, or selected teams / team members

File sharing – share any type of files you want with a teammate or with a group, not just pictures and videos.

@mentions – pop a notification to whomever is concerned

Search – an entire database, always at your fingertips (including tags)

Teamwork reaches a whole new level when you have every option to interact with others. In 2014, Nielsen’s Consumer Packaged Goods Innovation report revealed that 2 in 3 consumer product professionals ranked collaboration as a critical factor for innovation success, ahead of strong leadership and financial resources. At the same time, nearly three quarters (74%) said they believed their company was not even remotely effective at collaboration. To that end, it becomes vital to try and fix at least this part of the problem and make work fun with tools tailored to foster creativity and innovation.

Working with a smile on your face is reason enough to love your job and excel at it. It’s something everyone aspires to. Top talented workers don’t just wish for it – they want it today. Bring your team to Hubgets 🙂

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