Workplace Communication Upgrade for a Winning Business

Communication is the backbone of your company. The key to a winning workplace is connecting your team to work together more productively, in spite of the different dynamics and working styles. What if there was a tool that could boost employee efficiency by centralizing company communication and information in one interface?

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Your business is growing fast and you’ve expanded your team internationally. Some team members are working remotely and others are in your office, maybe on different floors or in other locations. When you’re trying to communicate with each other, it feels like another adventure you wished you could avoid. One team is from a different timezone, a team member has taken a sick leave or the infrastructure is just not on your side. Here are some tips to keep workplace communication focused to improve collaboration and productivity in your company.

Instant feedback to make decisions faster

Remember the last time you tried setting up a meeting with your team. The planning, coordination, updating process on team and company activity probably took you longer than expected. With Hubgets, you will improve workplace communication and collaboration by reducing the number of meetings and making them more constructive. It’s not impossible. We’ve been using it for a while now and we’re amazed at how fast things are moving for us. Everybody’s more up-to-date with projects and team decisions, deliveries happen faster than before, and we’re all more engaged.

It doesn’t matter that we’re spread out in the US and in Europe. With the instant chat, voice, and video we immediately get in touch with each other to make decisions faster. For us it proved to be a great way to stay in sync and updated on how each project was going or what each of us was working on that week.

Hubgets Phone & Topics

One-on-one chat with voice and video

Centralized workplace communication to stay well-informed

When you’re working in a large office like we are, you have information going all over the place. Besides all the meetings you need to join, you might sometimes forget where you saved that important document or which email thread your teammate is referring to. And that report 6 people have been working on is definitely somewhere in your computer, right? Forget these scary movie scenarios, because Hubgets is here to save your day.

Communication and collaboration have never been easier because they happen either via one-on-one instant messages or in group chats called Topics. Topics is a great feature because it keeps all information centralized on discussion topics and you can always go back to it for review.

Use tags on conversations as these will help you find them easier at a later time. Say you are speaking with your teammate about an important client they just inked. You can simply tag it #newcustomer 🙂 .

The information you are exchanging, as well as any type of file or media-rich content will never be lost and it will always be available to the selected team members. Otherwise, the thread is kept private. The most valuable part of keeping information centralized is that you can create a knowledge base for the whole company to use.

File sharing in one-on-one and group chat

File sharing available in one-on-one and group chat

Take a look at our product tour and test it yourself.

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