Happy #WorldEmojiDay from Hubgets!

It’s July 17th, so we couldn’t miss celebrating #WorldEmojiDay! We’re such big fans of these little funny pictograms that we just had to make a short movie about them/us. Who says you can’t act like an emoji?

We made this little experiment to see if you can actually be loud and clear just by making faces. And yes, you can! 🙂

Some us chose to enact their favorite emoji, others picked the one they use most frequently in their chats. Either way, most of us found it really difficult to pick just one, because there are too many and too funny. At the end of the day, after numerous takes, our office looked more like a playground than a workplace. Too many inner children were left unattended 😛

Using emojis in Hubgets

Adding a visual layer to your conversations make them more addictive, vibrant, and personal. In Hubgets, there are over 880 emojis you can choose to express yourself in the best way you can. So, if you want to have a conversation with no words, only emojis, that’s totally doable.

Want to give Hubgets a try? Start free or low cost with our special plans designed for all fellow startups out there 💡 😉 😎

Show your true colors and let your quirkiness shine through. Even if it’s all business, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can spice up your Team Board posts, direct messages and Topic updates. From our experience, you can really make work more fun with emojis.

What about you? What’s your favorite emoji?

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