How to Convert Information into Knowledge

Time is a bloody tyrant, Shakespeare said. No offense, Shakespeare, but in this century so is information. Think about it this way – when you’ve got too much information on your hands and scarce to zero means to organize it, you usually get swamped. When you’re lacking information, it’s hard to make a decision, let alone a knowledgeable one. So, either way, you’re at the mercy of information – it’s like The Taming of the Shrew all over again 😀

Let’s see how lack of information translates in the workplace and how teams can use Hubgets to overcome that.

Information is meant to flow

Information often gets stuck in someone’s email or remains forgotten in some meeting report. And that’s just too bad, because information is not designed to be static. The more people it reaches, the more it gains in perspective. Teams commonly lack information not because there’s not enough data, but because they don’t have the means to make it flow easily.

With each new angle, information becomes stronger. In any context, but particularly in the workplace, people should be able to steer information fast and easy, to make it flow in all directions and enrich it with the knowledge and experience of the entire team. This is an essential condition not only to effective collaboration, but also to knowledgeable decision-making.

Share information to gain knowledge

Just think how far teams can go if they have the means to place information where it can be easily seen. By giving them a friendly context and the effective tools to instantly share their needs and know-how, they will genuinely turn mere information into knowledge. Because information only gains power when it’s available for all the people involved, and that’s one of the things we had in mind when we designed Hubgets.

Hubgets places information at the hands of all team members, enabling them to gain knowledge and bring it to light without effort.

Team members can have one-on-one discussions over chat or via voice or video calls.

Hubgets Phone - High-quality audio and video calls

Teams can easily exchange resources like web content, files, archives, images and videos in direct messages and Topics.

Hubgets Direct Message - instant teamwork

They can open a private or a public Topic to communicate a decision and gain feedback or track reactions.

Hubgets Topics - team collaboration without meetings

They can use the Activity stream to broadcast important information that concerns the entire team or simply to share personal tastes or interests, for the fun of it.

Hubgets Activity - always stay in the loop

They can share contact details and notes on collaborators, partners and customers and thus contribute to the company knowledge base.

Hubgets People - Personal knowledge becomes team knowledge

Hubgets fights off miscommunication by providing teams with various effective ways to instantly ask for and provide information. Basically, by placing information at the hands of team members, Hubgets empowers people to take knowledgeable decisions and make themselves easily heard.

That being said, since everything about Hubgets inspires collaboration, why not take your team for a ride and give it a try? It’s free and, most of all, it makes teamwork fun!

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