Hubgets Page Makes Business Communication Simpler Than Ever

Meet Hubgets Page – a new and secure point of contact that works perfectly like an interactive business card.

Hugets Page

Winning new customers and keeping current customers happy are the goals of every business. To get there, businesses keep improving their product or service while assiduously courting prospects and attending to their customers. Either way, they’re continuously striving to write a happily ever after customer story. And yet, as great as their offer might be, they’re always running a chance of losing them to competitors. Therefore, aside from the product or service itself, businesses need to give customers and partners more reasons to choose and stick with them in the long run.

Be there when you’re needed

According to a recent report on customer loyalty, 97% of consumers say that they are somewhat likely to increase their loyalty to a brand that listens and acts on their feedback. It’s pretty much like in any other kind of relationship: if your customers and partners are not emotionally connected to your business, sooner or later they will leave you for some other brand.

One way to create that emotional bond is to ensure you’re there every time they need you. Show up when business partners call out for help or advice. Listen to them whenever they need you to lend them an ear. Easier said than done, because this means that your team should be available 24/7, and that’s a considerable effort. For this particular reason, we’ve created Hubgets Page. To enable partners, customers, and prospects to instantly reach your business while helping your team be there when they’re needed.

Simplify your business communication

Hubgets Page is a new secure point of contact that works perfectly like an interactive business card.

Every member of your team can enter their Hubgets Page in their email signature.

Contact me on my Hubgets Page

And they can publish it on website and social profiles.

Publish your Hubgets Page on your website

Just by doing so, your team will leave all doors open for business opportunities.

Whoever wants to get in contact with your team members won’t even need a Hubgets account, a specific device or any kind of software. They will simply access the URL of the team member’s Page and, if the team member is available, they can chat, talk on the phone (voice and video) and transfer files of any kind. Business communication just cannot get simpler than that.

Hubgets Page communication

Once you make it possible for partners and customers to reach your team that easily, they will feel looked after and cared for. Not only will they stick with your business, but they will commit to a long-term relationship.

Improve your workflows

Let’s go back to how your team can make the most of Hubgets Page. It was designed to make their life a whole lot easier, simply because the entire communication from every team member’s Page is automatically centralized into the Hubgets interface. With the help of the advanced search function, they can revisit their business communication and extract relevant information in seconds.

For sales and marketing people, it’s a tremendous advantage. On the one hand, they will no longer have to switch between communication tools and channels, gather and sync data; having instant access to a centralized communication history will enable them to be prompt, helpful, and efficient.

On the other hand, on every connection, Hubgets automatically builds your guest’s profile based on the information that is publicly available on the Internet: their social media profiles, company information and even location. This way, team members will never be caught by surprise; they will know who is contacting them before engaging in conversation.

Hubgets Page - guest profile

Want to see how Hubgets Page works? Contact our team to get a real feel and sign up for the Free plan. Hubgets Page is included!

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