4 Life Approaches and How They Affect Your Work Attitude

Someone once said ďLife is like a box of chocolates. You never know what youíre going to get.” Okay, well, it was the sage wisdom of Mrs. Gump, but regardless, it’s a great metaphor for how unpredictable life can be. Sometimes it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, sometimes it’s disappointing, and other times it’s so incredible you need to stop and savor the moment because you know that it’s fleeting. This rings true in every facet of our day-to-day, especially in professional settings. There is so much that is beyond our control, so how we approach life directly impacts our work attitude and how we navigate our workday.

While there are many approaches, there are 4 that have a big impact on success.

How your life approach affects your work attitude

The glass is half ___

Seeing as the average person will spend more than 90,000 hours throughout their life at work, success in the workplace can depend on your mindset. Our work attitude is greatly governed by our personalities. Optimistic, positive individuals are more likely to be collaborative and communicative, while negative individuals may be easily discouraged and uninspired.

While everyone has good and bad days, and even the friendliest people can have bad moods, a negative attitude is more than just a temporary feeling – it’s a state of mind. Negative work attitude can permeate the workspace, lowering office morale and productivity. Combat negativity and cultivate positivity by expressing appreciation for a job well done and celebrate successes no matter how big or small to improve office atmosphere and quality of work.  

Stay curious

When looking at the traits of successful people, we see that they approach situations with an open mind and try to learn from every circumstance. To stay relevant and pursue various opportunities, we need to continually enrich our knowledge base to keep up with a rapidly changing business ecosystem. Thatís where lifelong learning comes into play.

Lifelong learners constantly expose themselves to new ideas, drawing inspiration from new experiences. Work attitude is largely affected by this approach, as a lifelong learner will not only be receptive to new ideas and procedures but see every opportunity as a chance to grow. Lifelong learners can admit when they are wrong and are motivated to improve their knowledge and skills, keeping their minds constantly engaged. So it would be great to choose a company with a culture of continuous learning.

Driving forces

What’s your major goal in life? Maybe itís a corner office, a luxury vacation, or scoring a 300 at the bowling alley. No matter your motivation to succeed, everyone has goals they strive to attain. Approaching life with drive incentivizes us to devote our attention to progress and helps us establish a disciplined routine. Driven people are more likely to enjoy success and career longevity compared to their complacent counterparts. 

Patience is a virtue

Patience is an invaluable trait that improves work attitude. As humans, we are impatient by nature and want to see results right away, but success takes time. People who approach life with patience know that it’s challenging and not always fun, but it enables them to persist even when the unexpected occurs. 

Things donít always go according to plan and we must adapt to the dynamics. Whether that client put their project on hold, a customer is late for a meeting, or you haven’t met your quarterly goals, being patient gives you time to make the best choice. Patience improves interpersonal relationships in the workplace by giving others time to make improvements, easing the collaboration process.†

Success and work attitude go hand-in-hand. Your approach to life is your personal preference and there is no single or combined approach that is better than the other. Itís all about what works for you to help you reach your goals and happiness. 

About the author: Whitney Diehl is a digital nomad with several years of experience in television production and content management. Collaborating with clients from around the globe, she’s passionate about travel and the productivity tools that help her lead the remote life.

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