5 Quick Ways To Boost Your Post-Holiday Productivity

Productivity right after the holidays is tough and can surely be quite a stretch. The kind of stretch that, in brief, rips through your hard-earned rest. Indeed, it may be hard to get everything back in gear. The absence of work is easy to adapt to, in time.

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Post-Holiday Productivity

On the positive side, vacation days are a great productivity hack as they often feel like a cognitive reboot. In fact, going on a vacation might be a great way to refresh your productivity. That is if you get any rest, of course. In truth, most vacations these days can load you with worries and anxiety. Particularly the winter holidays. To be sure, all those details you need to take care of can sometimes take over.

In any case, returning to work after a vacation is rarely easy. To be sure, it feels like work just stacked higher. There is so much more to do, and a lot less energy for it. For the same reason, all those new year resolutions feel like an ordeal. So, here are 5 ways to make your productivity skyrocket after a vacation.

1. Start your day at 04:30 AM

Readjusting to your work schedule is rather challenging. After all, most vacations offer plenty opportunities to stay up late. In effect, sleeping in becomes a hard to change habit. Especially considering how most adults sleep far less than recommended.

Nevertheless, you can turn the tables on your post-holiday grogginess. While it might sound extreme, waking up very early is highly beneficial for productivity. Firstly, it helps you get a better work-life balance. Indeed, we have already covered many of such advantages. Secondly, it is a huge motivator and confidence booster. Similarly, so is making your bed every morning. When you wake up that early, you can feel it, true grit.

To be sure, having extra time in the morning might feel pointless. You can certainly use it to care of one of those New Year’s resolutions. Such as hitting the gym. Or, to that end, perhaps meditating.

In time, your ability to wake up that early will wane off. However, you will still experience some of the benefits. Above all, being comfortable and highly functioning at 09:00 A.M.

2. Declutter your mind

Back at work, you will soon realize there is a lot clutter. Even before the buzz of the recent vacation wears off, you will need to do something about it.

There are several things you need to consider. Firstly, the obvious. You need to declutter your workspace. Start with your office, do a general cleaning. If you donít use it, you donít need it.

Secondly, do the same with your computer and other devices. Sort your folders, your cloud presence, your inbox. In truth, this is more than decluttering. Itís getting reacquainted with your digital office.

Lastly, declutter your mind. Start by analyzing your typical workflow processes. Identify at least 3 opportunities for improvement. It well may be a habit you have. Choose one and change things for the new year. Get your work time maximized.

3. Find clarity with to-do lists

Productivity means doing better and more. If you want efficiency, try and do it all in as little time as you can. However, none of this is possible without prioritizing. When it comes to productivity, start by clearing your head.

Now consider the post-holiday chaos. Go ahead and write up your to-do list. Firstly, set some goals. Secondly, develop each of them into a whole list of things you need to cover. Lastly, plan your delivery strategy.

There are two easy hacks here. One is to start with the easiest task. This gets you motivated to push through. The other hack is to start with the toughest task. This means that whatís left is easier to do, even when you donít have the energy.

Lastly, learn how to maintain your productivity while tired at work.

4. Align teams and use team decisions

Team decisions are a great way to prioritize tasks. They are also a highly effective way to get things done, faster, better. Sounds familiar? Thatís because it is. Team decisions boost productivity. In fact, they are a productivity enhancing process. One that gets the whole team onboard.

And this is particularly valuable in the post-holiday confusion. Why? Because it gets everyone pepped-up and ready to go. And, most of all, this also helps you align teams. Starting work with the whole team getting ready for work is a team builder. Think of the stereotypical defense-preparation montage you see in movies. It builds cohesion and trust. And it boosts productivity at a team level.

5. Enhance productivity with smart meetings

Everyone dislikes meetings, for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons, however, are that meetings are boring and productivity dampers. It only makes sense to cut down on meetings as much as possible.

Smart meetings are†a great way to get everyone to connect and share on the same platform. Real-time team communications, using people as sounding-boards. At the same time, you get to leave whatís worst out of meetings. Both of these come as an advantage right after a vacation. When most people come back from holidays, they need re-orientation. If this is to be done through a meeting, it better be a smart meeting. Here is how you can do smart meetings.

Overall, getting back to work might be challenging. But this is a rather familiar challenge. In fact, you can use them after as short a break as a weekend. In time, you can add your own productivity hacks and tricks.

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