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asked Aug 10, 2016 in General by Martin_xyz (Squire) 1 answer 155 views
What happens when we have used up our allocated storage space? How do we increase storage for ... need to exchange large files (>100 MB)?
+4 votes
asked Aug 5, 2016 in General by Max Yogo (Squire) 1 answer 201 views
I have noticed that a lot of people do not want to allow the tool to use their ... people more aware of the importance of this action?
+4 votes
asked Jul 28, 2016 in General by Rifat_Sayid (Squire) 1 answer 131 views
We have been using cisco spark in our team internally, but we really don't like the ... notifications, or for marking rooms as important ?
+5 votes
asked Jul 27, 2016 in General by Ronan1234 (Squire) 1 answer 173 views
So if I want to invite someone to chat with me on my page, do I send them the link? Or is there another way?
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asked Jul 25, 2016 in General by Willem (Squire) 1 answer 111 views
if you can't login it's impossible to look at 'My Profile'..... so what if I forgot my username to login?
+4 votes
asked Jul 1, 2016 in General by NiamhMer (Archer) 1 answer 116 views
Hello, Is it possible to update Hubgets in my browser? How do I do that? And the windoes app?
+3 votes
asked Jun 30, 2016 in General by Nina (Squire) 1 answer 244 views
Do I get notified in any way if someone does not receive the invite (because the email address is not correct)?
+7 votes
asked Jun 17, 2016 in General by Vladimir1 (Squire) 1 answer 203 views
Gaming platforms have chats and bots and a lot of functions that are especially created ... . What would be the integration process?
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asked Jun 13, 2016 in General by Lee (Archer) 2 answers 225 views
I receive the email with the invoice and I always use that to make the payment, but is there ... where I can see a list of all my invoices?
+9 votes
asked Jun 9, 2016 in General by Mark.Sanders (Archer) 1 answer 175 views
They are a dime a dozen, so what it is that makes your product stand out? How does Hubgets compare to Asana, for instance?
+10 votes
asked Jun 8, 2016 in General by RezaRad (Archer) 1 answer 193 views
I deal a lot with employees and candidates who need a lot of guidance to get to ... Hubgets facilitate this growth process in any sense?
+9 votes
asked Jun 2, 2016 in General by amutarelli (Squire) 1 answer 155 views
have an existing user that i log in to hubegts with. i would like to give this user admin ... as myself and be able to add new team mates
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asked Jun 2, 2016 in General by amutarelli (Squire) 1 answer 218 views
we are using a demo setup to test out functionality, but i can not find a user guide. can a ... team for parts dept. how do i do that?
+6 votes
asked Jun 2, 2016 in General by Adrian34 (Archer) 1 answer 95 views
I was looking at what my former colleagues were using in their company, which is a large ... if they would be better off using Hubgets.
+3 votes
asked Jun 1, 2016 in General by CoolRob (Archer) 1 answer 154 views
If I would like to post on my social media account whatever I posted on the work Activity ... it possible? How do I connect the accounts?
+6 votes
asked May 26, 2016 in General by Max Yogo (Squire) 1 answer 108 views
Do you guys offer a commission for people who would be recommending a potential customer?
+7 votes
asked May 25, 2016 in General by Stephen (Squire) 1 answer 122 views
Did Hubgets crush when running an advanced search? I ran a search with filters and everything in Topics and my Hubgets tab got closed.
+5 votes
asked May 20, 2016 in General by Adrian34 (Archer) 1 answer 190 views
I need to highlight the fact that I am quoting a piece of text in a topic that my editorial ... on. We use italics to do that, normally.
+7 votes
asked May 17, 2016 in General by Matthieu (Squire) 1 answer 140 views
Was wondering how you guys came up with the name of the product. It made me think of a work hub when I read it initially
+4 votes
asked May 16, 2016 in General by Adrian34 (Archer) 2 answers 266 views
I never updated statuses on facebook or twitter or other social networks, although I would read other ... if this can be a usage pattern...
+6 votes
asked May 13, 2016 in General by Adrian34 (Archer) 1 answer 188 views
We use Windows 10 and would like to know if we can use hubgets on our work devices, by installing a desktop client
+5 votes
asked May 10, 2016 in General by jamie45767 (Archer) 1 answer 159 views
We already host our production environments on AWS, but we don't want to host internal comms with Amazon, for multiple reasons.
+8 votes
asked Apr 28, 2016 in General by Mark.Sanders (Archer) 1 answer 198 views
I have been using Skype for free since forever. Most people I know use it for ... and business communication. How is Hubgets better?
+7 votes
asked Apr 20, 2016 in General by Sam3 (Captain) 1 answer 98 views
I was thinking that since we have a mascot of our own, we could add it to Hubgets, just like you did with the blue mascot?
+5 votes
asked Apr 18, 2016 in General by Leyton_Mar (Archer) 1 answer 157 views
I think that the recommended number of users for this tool is at least 5. Are there people ... was thinking maybe they could use it too...
+6 votes
asked Apr 14, 2016 in General by RezaRad (Archer) 1 answer 128 views
We share tons of links, files and folders on a daily basis. We use Pie (http://piethis.com) and are quite ok with it.
+4 votes
asked Apr 13, 2016 in General by oddvar (Squire) 1 answer 181 views
Hi there! It would be great if Hubgets would integrate with Matrix (an open standard ... this feature in Hubgets! best regards, Oddvar
+6 votes
asked Apr 7, 2016 in General by Leyton_Mar (Archer) 1 answer 237 views
I have a few inactive users in my organization, and I think I should delete them. I see I ... suspend them. But how do I delete the user?
+12 votes
asked Apr 4, 2016 in General by Angelo_Damiani (Archer) 1 answer 152 views
I see I have this option to message a customer, but I'm not sure how he will get my message. ... on his phone. It's a bit blurry for me.
+7 votes
asked Mar 8, 2016 in General by Tobias Peereboom (Squire) 1 answer 138 views
How can I find out what my username is? I seem to have lost the username because I ... password worked realy good :-) Thanks for helping.