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asked Oct 5, 2016 in Voice and video calling by L.Lejuwaan (Squire) 1 answer 245 views
Can I initiate a call in the browser and pick up the phone on my desk to continue it, or vice-versa?
+3 votes
asked Sep 15, 2016 in General by Eddie Shinyskin (Archer) 1 answer 241 views
What is the most important aspect in managing a team that can accept new hires and train them very fast, using collaboration software?
+12 votes
asked Mar 30, 2016 in Voice and video calling by Sam3 (Captain) 1 answer 239 views
This seems to be changing a lot of elements in the habit of calling. No more phone, just buttons. Is it all for free?
+5 votes
asked Dec 28, 2015 in Direct messages by Adrian Branescu (Squire) 1 answer 239 views
I find very useful the fact that I am notified who sent me a message, but ... there any way to temporary stop those notifications?
+7 votes
asked Feb 5, 2016 in Voice and video calling by LindsayG (Archer) 1 answer 237 views
Can I have more than one webphone? I would like to be able to use one on my smartphone too.
+6 votes
asked Jan 14, 2016 in Topics by Eddie Shinyskin (Archer) 1 answer 236 views
If I understand correctly, Topics are like group chats. When I want to leave a group chat, ... me being aware of this, like in Facebook?
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asked Jun 2, 2016 in General by amutarelli (Squire) 1 answer 231 views
we are using a demo setup to test out functionality, but i can not find a user guide. can a ... team for parts dept. how do i do that?
+8 votes
asked Dec 21, 2015 in General by Simina Pasat (Squire) 1 answer 231 views
I often go to lunch with people not from my direct team - is it possible to ... group" team to better coordinate our lunches together?
+7 votes
asked Jan 12, 2016 in Direct messages by Stephen (Squire) 1 answer 230 views
I have created a load of topics for testing purposes during the evaluation, and now I do not know how to delete them.
+7 votes
asked Jan 12, 2016 in Direct messages by LindsayG (Archer) 1 answer 230 views
I'd need to easily find a chat that I have had with a colleague a while ago, just like you can do it in Facebook. Is this available?
+3 votes
asked Jul 4, 2016 in Topics by YusufNur (Squire) 1 answer 227 views
Let's say I want to create multiple sub-topics out of a larger topic. How do I do that? I also want to split the team...
+5 votes
asked Aug 16, 2016 in General by AaronS (Squire) 1 answer 226 views
When I send out the invites to my new team members, shouldm't I also get a notification or an email to confirm the invite was sent?
+5 votes
asked Jul 6, 2016 in Direct messages by PaulSanchez (Squire) 1 answer 226 views
Does Hubgets play well with Giphy? It is quite usual that we send each other gif files for ... are many chats that do not play the gifs.
+7 votes
asked Mar 24, 2016 in Topics by Annie (Captain) 1 answer 226 views
I do know the time frame in which a certain discussion took place (3 months ago). Can I search within some specific time frame?
+6 votes
asked Jan 12, 2016 in Activity by Stephen (Squire) 1 answer 226 views
Is it "busy", but with some exceptions? Like a filter for notifications, to mute unwanted activity?
+4 votes
asked Aug 30, 2016 in Voice and video calling by Andy Loew (Squire) 1 answer 225 views
Can we use the Hubgets Page to cold contact people that we want to target for commercial purposes? How would that work?
+3 votes
asked Jun 28, 2016 in Voice and video calling by L.Lejuwaan (Squire) 1 answer 225 views
If I'd like to listen to my voicemail just like I do with the existing telephony subscription I have, is this possible?
+9 votes
asked Jan 13, 2016 in Topics by Sam3 (Captain) 1 answer 225 views
We are a small publishing company. I have read that we can search both based on keyword and on tags and thus organize information better.
+5 votes
asked Aug 29, 2016 in General by Max Yogo (Squire) 1 answer 224 views
I have seen this in Slack, for instance you can type :abc and you get suggested emojis ... the options, but would rather type it :)
+6 votes
asked Jun 10, 2016 in Direct messages by Peter_Bech (Archer) 1 answer 223 views
How do I enable push notifications for everyone, even if they are set to Busy in presence?
+7 votes
asked Jun 17, 2016 in General by Vladimir1 (Squire) 1 answer 222 views
Gaming platforms have chats and bots and a lot of functions that are especially created ... . What would be the integration process?
+5 votes
asked May 4, 2016 in Voice and video calling by justcozitburns (Archer) 1 answer 222 views
I will be out of office for a short time, and I was thinking maybe I can have an ... transfer to one of my colleagues. Is it possible?
+3 votes
asked Mar 22, 2016 in Topics by Eddie Shinyskin (Archer) 1 answer 222 views
It's not really that I have some secret stuff going on :), but the discussion doesn't concern the entire team. Is this possible?
+3 votes
asked Aug 26, 2016 in Direct messages by Angelo_Damiani (Archer) 1 answer 221 views
If there is someone who keeps insisting and I don't want to receive their contact requests anymore, cai I block them?
+6 votes
asked May 13, 2016 in General by Adrian34 (Archer) 1 answer 216 views
We use Windows 10 and would like to know if we can use hubgets on our work devices, by installing a desktop client
+3 votes
asked Oct 1, 2016 in General by Tristan (Squire) 1 answer 215 views
More and more candidates ask us if we have allow for days of Remote Work. How could Hubgets help us enable such a program?
+4 votes
asked Aug 5, 2016 in General by Max Yogo (Squire) 1 answer 215 views
I have noticed that a lot of people do not want to allow the tool to use their ... people more aware of the importance of this action?
+10 votes
asked Jun 8, 2016 in General by RezaRad (Archer) 1 answer 214 views
I deal a lot with employees and candidates who need a lot of guidance to get to ... Hubgets facilitate this growth process in any sense?
+4 votes
asked Jun 27, 2016 in Voice and video calling by RezaRad (Archer) 1 answer 211 views
Noticed there is a new button in topics that allows you to call an extension. Is that ... a conference call with the people in the topic?
+4 votes
asked Oct 12, 2016 in General by PatrickdeL (Squire) 1 answer 210 views
We use various tools to mentor a small number of interns we had in our offices for ... used Hubgets for remote mentoring/tuition? Thanks!